The Root/Base Chakra

The root chakra is by far the most important chakra to have well-balanced. When unblocked and balanced, this chakra provides us with a real sense of security and safety. It sets strong foundations for our sense of well-being, survival and sense of purpose. With a healthy root chakra we are grounded and stable and therefore are able to have healthy relationships with self and others. A healthy base chakra also enables us to function day to day by assisting us in making well-informed judgements and discerning decisions that serve our purpose. In hindsight, when the base chakra isn’t at its best, it has an enormous effect on all the other chakras – as one connects with the other. In essence, the root chakra is the base by which the other chakras rely on in order to function healthily on all levels – body, mind, heart and soul. Read on to gain further insights about the root chakra.

Many blessings,