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Frequently Asked Questions

Reiki is a spiritual healing art with origins in Japan. Reiki comes from the Japanese word "Rei," which means universal life, and "Ki", which means energy. Reiki is not affiliated with any particular religion or religious practice. Reiki is the life energy that flows through all living things.

Typically, a Reiki treatment can last between an hour and an hour and a half. Sometimes less and sometimes more – depending on the practitioner. Keep in mind, that no matter the length, you will still reap the healing benefits of Reiki.

During a Reiki treatment, you may feel the energy in the form of sensations like heat, cold, tingly or a pulsing sensation. Although, this may not always be the case. Some people report not ever feeling anything. In terms of what you may experience, you might experience seeing colours, vivid dreams, connection to higher realms or you may just fall asleep. Regardless of what you feel or experience, the healing energy continues to flow through your body and therefore you still continue to reap all the healing benefits that Reiki has to offer.


Yes, absolutely! The calming practice of Reiki can benefit children by promoting relaxation and confidence. Learning about and utilising Reiki at a young age promotes a healthy way of living throughout their lives, helping children make better choices and create balance. For more about this go to my blog.


There are a multitude of benefits that Reiki can have for us all. Reiki is able to promote healing and rejuvenation in every area of our lives. In particular, for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, you can use Reiki as a complementary remedial aid to assist with the healing and repair of new or old injuries. In addition, after rigorous exercise and sports activities, a non-intrusive Reiki healing session can assist to improve post-recovery time to enable you to get back to your everyday routine, with minimum risk of a post-workout injury. Reiki can help your muscles heal faster and more deeply after intense workouts thus helping them grow back stronger and resist injury. It is also a great tool to help boost the level of your overall performance. For more about this, go to my blog.