Sublime Awakening

Mission & Vision

With the busyness of life, brought on by many factors such as work, career, school, studies, family, sporting commitments – to name just a few – many of us can feel that life is tumultuous and chaotic. In addition, other challenges such as ill-health, injuries, on-going pain and a relationship breakdown, may cause many of us to feel bouts of depression, stress, anxiety and disconnection. To top it all off, with the more recent event of the covid pandemic, it has brought with it a sense of angst, isolation and uncertainty. Therefore, there is a need now more than ever for us to replenish, rebalance and restore one’s sense of self. 


As a Reiki practitioner, my mission is to help people restore balance and wellbeing within every aspect of their self: body, heart, mind and soul. I aspire to do this by channelling universal healing energy so they can feel re-energised, re-plenished and thus experience growth on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.   


My vision is for every person to be open to receiving healing energy through Reiki. So they may experience a sense of greatness that is beyond their belief. A sense of greatness that touches all aspects of their self: body, heart, mind and soul. The ability to allow time for stillness and mindfulness through Reiki, supports the body’s natural healing process and thus enables balance and harmony.

“Reiki is love. Love is wholeness. Wholeness is  balance. Balance is wellbeing. Wellbeing is freedom from disease.”

Dr Mikao Usui
“Founder of Usui Reiki”

The Five Principles of Reiki