Sublime Awakening

Effects of Reiki

Reiki Effects

Once Universal Life Force energy begins to flow through your body, you can expect to feel changes in your emotions, your body, the way you think, respond, act and interact with others and with the Universe. The effects of Reiki helps you to:

balance your energy

reduce stress and anxiety

increase awareness

feel safe

let go of emotions


feel love for self and others

let go of stress

nurture self

dispel negative beliefs and attitudes

to promote a greater feeling of wellbeing

Experience the ultimate sublime awakening through the healing art of Reiki.

Risks and side effects of Reiki

According to Forbes Health (2021), multiple studies report no adverse effects of Reiki, likely because it’s a non-invasive treatment. If anything, clients usually report feeling relaxed after a session, but some feel energized.

Reiki in the Community

Reiki is a complimentary therapy that is currently provided across some hospitals, nursing homes, palliative care hospices, cancer support units and community service settings within Australia. Patients and clients who access Reiki as a complimentary therapy report significant improvements in their level of pain, fatigue, nausea and breathing. Overall, Reiki is a wonderful complimentary therapy that aligns and works well with traditional medicine and other forms of alternative/therapeutic methods which help to aid healing, in particular pain reduction, stress, better sleep and overall health and wellbeing.