Intuitive Readings


Nurture Your Spirit with an Intimate Intuitive Reading

Are you seeking gentle, compassionate guidance and clarity from the Spirit Realm? Unlock the secrets of your soul and navigate your life’s journey with my transformative intuitive readings.

As a certified intuitive angel card reader, I will harness the power of my intuition and charismatic gifts by connecting with your energy. In doing so, I will download channelled messages from your spirit guides, angels, archangels, and other loving energies from the higher realms, so you can receive messages that will offer profound clarity and purpose. Receive personalised insights that will transcend the ordinary. My approach is heart-centered. I will infuse each session with compassion and divine love, creating a safe, non-judgmental, and nurturing atmosphere.


How does it work?

  1. Think of an important or vital question you want to ask Spirit.
  2. Email me your question.
  3. I will then connect to your energy, which will enable me to blend with the divine energy of your guides, angels and other loving beings from the spirit world in order to receive loving messages and guidance that will be specific to your needs and your understanding.
  4. I will draw some tarot, oracle, and angel cards to further consolidate the messages that come through.
  5. Within 72 hours, I will send you a link to your recorded reading, along with a photo of your card spread, and channelled notes. 


Book your intuitive reading now for a moment of serenity, self-discovery, and the gentle unfolding of your true essence.


Exchange: $55

Length: 25 – 30 mins recorded message


To book, contact me on

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Olga is very gifted and intuitive. I received the most beautiful reading from Olga that was spot on. I did not give her my question in advance, rather stated it out loud and sent it out to the Universe. Her insightful reading answered all my questions and gave me the clarity and guidance I was looking for. Although I trusted she would be guided to the right deck (s) from the very beginning, I was still amazed at her accuracy and the things she picked up on my soul essence and life experiences. I highly recommend Olga and her readings. She is an amazing, kind, gifted, connected and beautiful soul.

-Isabella Rose (United States)


That was a beautiful reading, thank you for sharing divine truth with me, Olga. It all resonates with me. You’re so right about it all starting to affect my physical body too. Healing and transformation has to come first….and someone else also said that the holiday period will be a time for growth as well. Archangel Michael comes up for me in 9/10 readings. The being with nature was so spot on too. I have been told many times that I need to get out into nature more to replenish. 

-Anonymous (Sydney, Australia)


I just almost want to cry; you have no idea how spot on you are! This resonates with me so much! I needed time to digest it all.  In a nutshell I had goosebumps all the way through. You were so spot on with EVERYTHING! Do not doubt yourself!

-Anonymous (Melbourne, Australia)


Good morning, Olga. I just wanted to tell you how much the reading you did for me has helped me. Your words (or should I say, Spirit’s words) have been my thoughts exactly this last week. I know my angels are always with me and waiting ever so lovingly for me to reconnect. I need to trust everything that comes through and not second guess everything. 

-Anonymous (Toronto, Canada)