Invoking Archangel Raziel: Enhancing Your Reiki Practice

Welcome, fellow Reiki practitioners, to the realm where divine energy and earthly healing converge! This blog post will explore my all-time favourite and most treasured archangel – Archangel Raziel! I would like to delve into the incredible ways in which Archangel Raziel, the “Keeper of Secrets,” can amplify and elevate our Reiki practice to new spiritual heights.

Archangel Raziel, known as the “Keeper of Secrets” or the “Angel of Mysteries”, is a celestial being bathed in divine wisdom and cosmic knowledge. Raziel is the gatekeeper to the Akashic Records, the celestial library containing the blueprint of all existence. This angelic guide is your go-to for unravelling the mysteries of the universe and gaining profound insights into your soul’s journey.

With a vibrant energy that resonates with rainbow hues, Archangel Raziel is here to illuminate our spiritual path, enhance our intuitive gifts, and assist us in navigating the complexities of life. Whether we seek wisdom, clarity, or a touch of magical guidance, Raziel’s loving presence is just a heartfelt call away.

As Reiki practitioners, do you feel called and ready to embark on a journey of enlightenment with Archangel Raziel? If so, allow yourself to completely open your heart, embrace the mysteries, and let the angelic wisdom flow into your life!

Firstly, let’s look closely into the incredible ways Archangel Raziel can enhance your spiritual development and supercharge your charismatic and spiritual gifts.

1. Accessing Ancient Wisdom

Archangel Raziel holds the key to the Akashic Records, a cosmic compendium of knowledge spanning across time and space. As Reiki practitioners, tapping into this celestial library allows us to access ancient healing techniques, sacred symbols, and profound insights that can deepen and enrich our practice.

2. Enhancing Intuition and Guidance

Raziel’s energy is a beacon for heightened intuition. By connecting with this angelic guide, Reiki practitioners can sharpen their intuitive abilities during sessions. Trusting the intuitive nudges received from Raziel can lead to more targeted and effective energy healing.

3. Amplifying Healing Intentions

Invite Archangel Raziel to infuse your healing space with divine energy. As you channel Reiki, Raziel enhances the intention behind your healing work, adding a layer of spiritual potency. The result? A more profound and transformative healing experience for both practitioner and recipient.

4. Spiritual Alchemy and Transformation

Archangel Raziel is a master of spiritual alchemy, transmuting energies to facilitate growth and transformation. In the realm of Reiki, this means that with Raziel’s assistance, practitioners can guide their clients through powerful shifts, helping them release stagnant and dense energy and embrace positive change.

5. Manifesting Healing Miracles

Raziel is known for facilitating manifestation. By collaborating with this celestial ally, Reiki practitioners can amplify their ability to manifest healing miracles for their clients. Infusing sessions with Raziel’s energy can open doors to unexpected and profound outcomes.

How Do We Connect to This Majestic, Celestial Being of Light?

Below, is my personal way of establishing a divine connection with Archangel Raziel. This is a ritual I practice before I commence my day with Reiki clients. I openly and lovingly share this with you, so you too can enhance your Reiki practice by channelling Raziel’s divine and unconditional love and healing light.

Set Your Intention

Clearly state your intention to connect with Archangel Raziel for guidance and support in your Reiki sessions. Focus on your desire to deepen your spiritual understanding and enhance your healing abilities.

Sacred Space

Find a quiet and peaceful space where you won’t be disturbed. Light a candle, burn some incense, or use any tools that help you create a sacred atmosphere conducive to spiritual connection.

Meditation and Relaxation

Begin with deep, calming breaths. Enter a meditative state to quiet your mind. Visualise either the seven rays of healing light or golden healing light surrounding you, creating a protective and high-vibrational space.

Invoke Archangel Raziel

Call upon Archangel Raziel by speaking or thinking your request clearly. You can say something like, “Archangel Raziel, I invite you to join me. Guide and support me in my Reiki practice. Help me access higher knowledge and divine insights.” Alternatively, see my extended invocation below for calling on the divine presence of Raziel.

Open Your Heart

Focus on opening your heart chakra. Feel love, gratitude, and sincerity in your request. Archangel Raziel is often associated with knowledge and divine wisdom, so expressing a genuine desire for spiritual growth will strengthen your connection.

Receive Insights

Archangel Raziel communicates with us in various ways. Pay attention to any thoughts, feelings, or visions that come to you during this process. For instance, did you hear the tune of a song you’re quite familiar or unfamiliar with? Did you recognise any obvious symbols, colours or shapes you can make sense of as clear messages or signs? Did you receive a download and not sure where it came from, but you just know? Or did you feel an overwhelming presence of unconditional love run through your whole being? These are subtle ways in which Archangel Raziel provides insights and/or guidance that can be applied to your Reiki sessions when invoked. Remember though, we have free will!

Express Gratitude

Conclude your session by expressing gratitude to Archangel Raziel for their presence and guidance. Trust that the connection has been established and that you can call upon them whenever needed.

As Reiki practitioners, the partnership with Archangel Raziel unveils a doorway to unparalleled spiritual growth and healing potential. Embrace the wisdom, guidance, and transformative energy that Raziel offers, and watch as your Reiki practice evolves into a sacred dance between the earthly and the divine. Open your heart, trust the process, and let the magic of Archangel Raziel enhance your journey as a Reiki healer.

Remember, developing a connection takes practice and patience. Consistent effort and an open heart will strengthen your bond with Archangel Raziel. Raziel is always ready to assist you on your spiritual journey when asked.


Oh, majestic Archangel Raziel, keeper of secrets and guardian of cosmic wisdom. I invite your divine presence into my sacred space.

With an open heart and a spirit yearning for enlightenment, I call upon you, Raziel, to grace me with your celestial energy.

Surround me with the radiant hues of your rainbow wings and let the vibrations of your wisdom resonate within the core of my being.

As I embark on my journey as a healer, I seek your guidance, Archangel Raziel. Illuminate my path with the light of ancient knowledge and the keys to the Akashic Records.

Empower my hands as instruments of divine healing and infuse my intentions with the alchemy of transformation.

Grant me the clarity to perceive the subtle energies, the intuition to navigate the realms unseen, and the wisdom to channel healing with grace.

Archangel Raziel, I welcome your presence into my Reiki practice, and I trust that with your guidance, miracles of healing shall unfold.

In deepest gratitude and profound reverence, I thank you, Archangel Raziel, for your love, light, and boundless support.

So it is, and so shall it be. Amen.

Many blessings,


“Healing angels, whispers of solace in celestial winds. Their tender touch mends with ethereal grace, stitching the wounded spirit into a tapestry of renewed strength and inner peace.”

Olga Duque, Sublime Awakening (2024)