A Place for Reiki in The Modern World

For many of us today, living in this hectic, fast-paced, technologically advanced modern world, we are finding ourselves overwhelmed, lost, ungrounded and highly disconnected.  Predictably, resulting in feeling somewhat discontent, dissatisfied, moody, highly anxious, and maybe even feeling bouts of depression.

Not surprisingly, I’m discovering that on a global scale, more and more of us are embarking on a journey exploring the depths of our own existence. It’s about connecting with something greater than us, whether you call it Source, the Universe, God, the Creator, Mother Nature, or the Divine. In essence, it’s a search for a connection to a higher being greater than us – to help us find clarity, help us find answers about our existence and that all cliché “What is my purpose?”.

In exploring the depths of this greater presence, we might find ourselves drawn to practices such as prayer, meditation, yoga, sound healing, a walk out in nature. And, of course, Reiki. As a spiritual healing practice, Reiki works by channelling universal life-force energy, allowing the recipient to receive the energy for the purpose of holistic healing. Through the wisdom and knowledge of all the Universe (Rei) and the vital Life-force energy that flows through all living things (Ki), the recipient’s overall health and wellbeing benefits greatly on all levels – in body, heart, mind and soul.

On a personal level, Reiki changed my life. I found my purpose! Reiki guided me back to feel, once again, joy and passion. Something I lost a very long time ago. I got so caught up in the busyness of day-to-day life, that I lost myself. I lost sight of who I was and what I was here to live for. I found myself not living in alignment with what the seed of my soul, my heart, was calling me to do.

When we begin to embark on the quest of exploring the depths of our own existence, first and foremost, I believe we have to start with readjusting our mindset. We do this by adopting a state of mind that gives us permission to pause, take a deep cleaning breath, and take a moment to go within. We must believe that we are deserving of this, and more importantly, that we understand it is our birth right. We are no doubt living in unprecedented and uncertain times, within a modern world that is full of hustle and bustle. By adopting this mindset, it facilitates the acceleration of heightening our intuition, enabling us to look deeply within and to connect with our higher and authentic self, through the core of our being – our heart and soul.

Through Reiki’s wisdom and healing capabilities, it gives us just that. An opportunity to quiet the mind, to reconnect back to self, to open the channels that allow us to listen to the whispers of our heart and soul, whereby uniting us back to the Divine within. It’s the ideal healing modality we need as we live in today’s modern world. It is the bridge between ancient healing wisdom, and the perfect natural remedy we need in order to regain and restore our balance, harmony and well-being.

And let’s not forget the five Reiki principles:

Just for today, do not worry

Just for today, do not anger

Just for today, honour all living beings

Just for today, earn your living honestly

Just for today, show gratitude to every living thing

When we let go of worry, we are trusting in the universal energy. When we release anger, we take back our power from the angst and discomfort we endured. When we honour all living beings, we acknowledge the divine that lives within them and within us. When we earn our living honestly, we are living our truth and fulfilling our purpose by accepting our gifts and sharing them with the collective. And lastly, when we express and show gratitude to every living thing, we open ourselves up to receiving more abundance. As I delve deeper into what I personally refer to as sacred principles, it is a powerful acknowledgement – more so than ever, that we need to live by these principles as a way of journeying back to our safe haven and our inner sanctuary. A place where we can find a connection back to self, others, and the greater world in order to find purpose, peace, joy and harmony.

It is, therefore, timely to remember, that Reiki is inclusive. Everyone benefits from Reiki! The young, the not so young, those who are well and those who are not so well! The fact of the matter is, due to its non-intrusive nature, its harmless approach and the absence of judgement and malice, Reiki is an alternative healing modality that is making it more and more appealing and desirable to the mainstream. There is no doubt that: Reiki is LOVE. Reiki is PEACE. Reiki is JOY. Reiki is CONNECTION. Therefore, without a doubt, it has a significant place in today’s contemporary world.

So, on an end note, Reiki is a beautiful and highly effective natural energy healing practice, that can help you manoeuvre your way through a fast-paced modern world. A world that demands a lot from us. It is a spiritual practice that assists you to come back to your heart – the seed of your soul – to self!

“Reiki is the spiritual heritage of all humanity.” – Dr. Mikao Usui

Many blessings,